How to Overcome the Challenges of Swimming Upstream in an Over-Sexualized Society

I love salmon. It’s a really yummy fish. But, I have to admit, I have a newfound respect for salmon and the journey they take to get home. Their lifespan is basically this – they are born, fed, sent out to sea to live and fend for themselves for a couple of years, then they must somehow find their way back home…swimming upstream. Wait. What?

It’s true. They must swim upstream to make it home. So, my newfound respect is rooted in what I consider our mutual understanding. You see, when you choose abstinence before marriage, these days, you are swimming upstream. And swimming upstream is hard work.

In a culture where more and more people are living together before marriage, and even more are sexually active before marriage, you are answering the call to go against the flow of the culture, your co-workers, and maybe even your friends.

Everyone around you is telling you either directly or indirectly that you are making the wrong choice and you are missing out. So, what’s a girl to do? How can you win the battle of swimming upstream? Here are three useful tips to get you home to celibacy.

You Are Swimming with Others

It may feel like you are waging this war of sexual purity alone. You are not. There are others who have also taken the stand to not give in to sexual temptation before marriage and are choosing to experience the closest of intimacies with their spouse after the vows have been taken. You may have trouble finding others who have made similar commitments to chastity, but they are there. When you find someone with similar morals, befriend her and let the friendship blossom so that you both can know that you are in this situation alone. Having others to walk alongside will give strength and encouragement, especially when the temptations get tough.

Swimming Upstream Takes Effort

To do nothing is to go with the flow of the river. If you try to stay in the same place, the current of the culture will drag you downstream in the same direction as everyone else is going. Realize that the commitment to celibacy before marriage is going to take an intentional effort. You must make a plan and then stick to the plan. Think through the possible pitfalls and do everything you can to avoid them. You must have an escape route if things get moving in a way that seems like your commitment is in danger. You must work hard to swim upstream. The easiest thing in the world to do is go along with everyone else. Commit to the effort it will take to stay sexually pure.

Remember the Result

The current takes you where you do not want to go. You will end up in a place that you will regret. So many others who have gone with the crowd because “everyone is doing it” have wished they had fought harder, made different choices, and worked hard to swim upstream. The pool of regret includes so many things that you don’t want to experience: STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, baggage from multiple sexual partners, and more. The masses are heading in that direction. You can choose to swim upstream and avoid those painful experiences in life.

Swimming upstream is never easy. But remember, it is worth the effort, and you are not in it alone. Take the plunge of sexual purity and choose to swim upstream.

Answer This: Are you ready to handle the challenges of swimming upstream?


How to Overcome the Challenges of Swimming Upstream in an Over-Sexualized Society


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