How to Move Beyond Your Mistake and Celebrate Your Season of Celibacy

This website is dedicated to encouraging and equipping women to embrace sexual purity inside and outside of marriage. For those who are single, that means that you will abstain from sexual intercourse and other sexual activity until you can embrace those activities inside the bounds of marriage with your husband. That is the ideal, God-honoring stand to take. But, some of you have already given in to the temptation. You have already given away your purity and are wondering “what now?” If you have made that mistake and reading this website brings more pain and shame than hope and freedom, take some time to process this message of forgiveness and redemption.

About the mistake – You are not alone.

You are not the only one who has made the mistakes that make you feel guilty. Others are in the same boat as you. Some of those are still single and must wrestle through the shame while working to maintain an abstinent lifestyle even today. Others have gone on to experience forgiveness, find that right guy that God had planned, and enjoy a healthy, fruitful, productive marriage. This battle of defeat and shame can be overcome.

Shake off the mistake – You can start again.

No matter how big you have blown it and how long you have wondered away from where you should be, God is a God who forgives and gives another chance. In Christ, you can have the stain of your past sins washed cleaned and totally removed. Once the sin is forgiven, you can start again on the road to sexual purity. True repentance brings true forgiveness. You do not have to carry the shame and guilt anymore. Instead, you can have a brand-new start on your journey of being everything that God wants you to be. Start again. Start today.

Beyond the mistake – You can be victorious.

Once you decide to give celibacy another chance, remember that it’s possible to be victorious. Many others have experienced victory in their lives after the moral failure of premarital sex. You can too. Don’t let the mistakes of the past rob you from the victory that you can walk in today. Look to the example of others who have overcome and realize that you will overcome as well.

Losing a battle of temptation with the poor choice of sex outside of marriage does not have to define you as a person. It needs to be confronted and confessed. Receive the forgiveness that God offers in Christ, and walk in the freedom of the new choices you are making moving forward. Know that you are not the only one to have messed up. And, know that you can start again. Embrace that new start and live in freedom again.

Answer This: Do you believe you can start again in your journey of celibacy?



How to Move Beyond Your Mistake and Celebrate Your Season of Celibacy


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