God’s Rules Are For Our Good and Here Are 2 Reasons That’s Important

Have you ever grown tired of following the rules? Perhaps you’ve wondered what it would be like to venture out into the wild and break the rules that annoy you the most? Maybe you have stepped beyond the guidelines many times and are tired of running your own show. Either way, here is an important truth to remember when it comes to the issue of abstinence and celibacy: God’s rules are for our good. Here are two important reasons why.

Rules Give Boundaries

We all need boundaries. Without them, we run all over the place and find ourselves in situations where we never thought we would be. Boundaries, like train tracks, keep us on the right path. When the train is rolling on the tracks, it is smooth sailing and great progress is made. However, let the train fall off the tracks and the ride becomes incredibly bumpy and the train goes nowhere.

When we are on the tracks of God’s principles for our lives, it is a smooth ride, and we can make great progress. When we get off the tracks by disobeying God’s laws for our lives, we make no progress and the ride is rough.

Do you want a rough ride? Avoid the tracks of God’s commands. You will end up in places you never thought you would, doing things you never thought you would do. Can you see the value of God’s laws? His rules are good for your life like the tracks are good for the train.

Rules Come from Wisdom

Rules come from the wisdom of those who have experienced more of life and ultimately bring more to the table. Those who pass down these principles have discovered that life goes so much better when someone chooses to live by the standards set. God’s commands are not made to limit the experiences in life. Instead, His rules are made to lead the best life possible.

When we see His way as confining, we become frustrated. When we have the attitude that His commands flow from the wisdom of those who know better than we do, the rules can be viewed as a blessing. Do you always know what is best for your life? Do you sometimes make mistakes and wrong choices? Following the God’s law will allow you to enlist the wisdom of God for what is best in life.

Ladies, here is one of God rules: Don’t engage in sexual activity with anyone other than your husband. Rather than viewing that rule as confining, view it as a healthy boundary to keep you on track. And, take the time to see it as wisdom that you may not have yet, but that God is graciously sharing with you. After all, God’s rules are always for our good.

Answer This: How important are God’s rules to your life?


God’s Rules Are For Our Good and Here Are 2 Reasons That’s Important


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