3 Things to Consider About Beauty When You Just Don’t Like Your Body

The psyche of young women in our society who just don’t like their bodies is at an epidemic level. Whether it’s through the eyes of men or the eyes of Hollywood, young girls are being conditioned to see beauty the same way movie casting agencies see beauty.

But, ladies, the movies only show the two-dimensional beauty of people. Even 3D movies use camera tricks to fool our eyes. The movie is still only two-dimensional. You have much more depth than the characters on the screen. You have feelings, emotions, joys, and struggles. You are real. The actors on screen are playing a role. Even their beauty is enhanced with makeup and editing. Your beauty is genuine and deep. Here are three things to consider when you just don’t like your body.

God Made Your Beauty

You are who you are because that is how God made you. Your looks are exactly what He wants them to be. Your figure is shaped as He chose. Your talents are in you as He wired them to be. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, remember that God made you according to His image and His likeness. He knows what He is doing. And you are perfectly and wonderfully made in His eyes.

Growing up, I struggled with my self image a lot. But, as I matured, I realized that I am truly a beautiful individual from the inside out. I learned to love myself internally and then began to see my beauty externally. Pray for God to help your mind mature and so you can appreciate yourself as much as He does.

Work on the Beauty You Can Change

There are some aspects of your appearance that you can change. Feel free to do that. In fact, work hard at doing that.

  • Eat right. You will feel better and appreciate more of what your body ends up looking like.
  • Exercise. The hormones released during exercise will counter the feelings of depression and dissatisfaction.
  • Find joy in life. Your laughter will lighten your heart and will light up the room.

If you don’t like what you see when you look at your body, work to change what you can and allow God to take care of the rest.

Mr. Right Will See Your Inward Beauty

The one who ultimately falls in love with you will love you for your heart and soul, not just your body. When Mr. Right pursues you, he will have the wisdom to look at the inward reality of who you are.

Time takes a toll on our bodies. None of us is going to look the same in twenty years. That’s okay because the inward beauty will be growing while the outward looks are changing. Childbearing takes a toll on our bodies. If your marriage is going to be blessed with biological children, your body will pay a price for that. It is worth it. But, it is noticeable. If he is looking only at the outside, he is not the one for you anyway.

You may not like what you see in the mirror. But, God does. He made you and He loves you just the way you are!

Answer This: What are the parts of your body you love the most?


3 Things to Consider About Beauty When You Just Don’t Like Your Body


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