3 Handy Tips to Help Single Folks Do Life Well in a Married Folks World

Here’s a little secret that’s not so secret to some. Right handed people rule in our culture! People see left-handed people as different and believe they must conform to the right-handed world. But what if you are left handed and single?! Well, that’s a double whammy. You see, just as lefties are expected to conform to a right handed world, single people are expected to conform to a world made for couples.

Restaurants have 2 for $20 but you can’t order 1 for $10. Amusement parks always have two seat cars for the roller coasters. No one seat car is available. And don’t get me started on Valentine’s Day. That is the greatest nightmare if not their worst day of the year for a person without a mate.

“Can you rub it in any more that I don’t have a significant other?” This world was not made for single people. So, what’s a single lady to do while living in a couple’s world? Here are three handy tips that should get you through the quagmire!

Single Tip #1 – Accept Who You Are

Living as a single cast away on couple’s island requires you to become comfortable with who you are as a person, including your singleness. There is nothing wrong with being single. You are not an incomplete person. You can have a wonderful, fulfilling life as a single lady.

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You have things to give to others and to society so you should not be stigmatized by your singleness. You are simply single. Don’t let being single convince you that you are less of a person. Accept who you are and become comfortable with that.

Single Tip #2 – Don’t begrudge the couples

Don’t look down on couples or become jealous of them. God gave them someone to share life with and that’s great!  Either He hasn’t allowed you to experience that yet or that’s just not where you are right now.  That’s OK, too.

Don’t develop an attitude that couples have something that makes them worse than you. That is their path. Your path is different right now. But, also don’t become jealous of them.

When you see couples as better than yourself, you will work too hard to find a man who may not be the right man. Just like you should not look down on couples, don’t hold them up too high either. Each person has her own life to live.

Single Tip #3 – Seek out singles that you can encourage

If you are not meant to be a couple right now, maybe you can encourage other singles who are struggling more with their singleness than you are.

Can you make an impact on others around you who also feel awkward as a single in a married world? If you look to be a blessing to others, then you will focus less on the way that you feel you don’t fit in. Singles are not the toys on Misfit Island. You are just different than couples. Embrace the difference and enjoy life through it.

Answer This: Which tip was most useful to you and why?


3 Handy Tips to Help Single Folks Do Life Well in a Married Folks World


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