Do You Care What God Says About Sex?

From Ciara Wilson to Nikki Minaj, many celebs are choosing celibacy for one reason or another these days. In some ways, it appears that keeping the goods on lockdown is becoming a fad. But, do you notice the question in the title: It is not, do you “know” what God says about sex but rather do you “care” what God says about sex?

When it comes to the topic of celibacy and God, many people do what they want to do then find a way to justify it. God promises to bless those who walk in a way that is obedient to Him. Do you want that kind of blessing in your life?

He also reveals that those who choose to disobey will suffer the consequences that choosing their own way brings. I know, I know – that smacks of a little “hell and brimstone” but, if you can’t handle the heat, this is not the article for you.

God and Your Sex Drive

Our sex drive is something God wants to bless in our lives. But, we must do it His way to receive His blessing. If we are going to do sex His way, then we must keep our sexual drive in check and express it in the way He has instructed us to.

Sometimes those who are single think: “That’s really not fair. Married people get to express their sexuality any way they want to, but I’m stuck not having sex until marriage.” Don’t be mistaken: everyone must keep his or her sexual drive in check, including married folks.

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There are rules for every person’s sexual expression. Sex is to be experienced in the marriage and  married people must not let their eyes or their desires stray to others. Their sexual passion is only for their spouse so proper boundaries, like the following, should be set.

  • Married people must not get wrapped up in pornography because of the damage it does to themselves and their marriage.
  • When married, couples must express their sexuality in a way and with a frequency that their spouse is comfortable with.
  • In short, you will have boundaries to your sexual expression your entire life. Learn to control it as a single lady and you will be better prepared when you are a married woman.

If you care about what God says about sex, you will care now when you are single and later when you are married. Do you care?

God and Your Relationships 

God created us to be in relationships with other people. He never intended for us to walk through life alone. The family is an illustration of that. The church is also an expression of that. Our Father wants us interacting with others in our lives.

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In the relationships that we have, the Creator wants us to learn to give, rather than take. In giving, we grow in our relationships with our families, with other Christians, and with our boyfriends. If our dating relationship is going to be healthy, vibrant, and growing, then we should listen to and obey what God says about how far the physical should go. Do you care what God says?

Answer this: If you care what God says about your sexual life, what steps have you taken to remain obedient to Him?


Do You Care What God Says About Sex?


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