Three Essential Things the Movies Leave Out About Sex

Movie sex scenes. We’ve all seen them.

Whether its in a glorified romance movie like “The Notebook,” or a hit it and quit it film like “Boomerang,” there’s bound to be a sex scene that gets us itchy. Sexual encounters on the big screen seem so smooth and effortless. Everything goes off without a hitch and everlasting ecstasy is experienced by both parties.

Sex doesn’t always work that way.

The movies glamorize much of that. Don’t get me wrong, sex is enjoyable and satisfying. But, it takes a giving, caring attitude for each to have a great experience. So, the movies paint a limited picture about the actual sexual event. By doing that, they leave out three essential things about sex you really should care about:

Sex and the Morning After

The movies really give a false impression of what happens after sex. Typically, a couple snuggles throughout the night and falls asleep with limbs intertwined to enjoy a full night of sleep. What the movies leave out is what happens either the night of, or the morning after the sexual encounter.

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On film, the guy is there to break in the new day. He might even make breakfast. What happens much more often is the guy leaves at night or the next morning and the woman is left wondering if she will hear from him again. She has given the most precious gift of baring her soul to this man, and he may or may not give her a call. If he does call, too often he is wondering when they can take another romp in the sack.

Sex and Who’s Got Next

Typically, guys who only want to sleep with you before marriage will take it as long as they can until they either get tired of the lady, or she wants to build more of the emotional connection that a life together requires. But, when:

  • things get serious, often, he’s gone.
  • she starts to speak of connecting emotionally, he’s gone.
  • she says that they need to back off the physical, sexual part of the relationship, he’s gone.

Sex and that’s as Good as It’s Gonna Get

According to many movies, the casual roll in the hay is as good as it’s gonna get. Whether he’s your one night stand or your long term man, the slam bam thank you m’am encounters won’t get any better so scratching that itch whenever and with whomever is no big deal. Sadly, too many buy into that way of thinking and so they miss out on the most amazing part of the physical connection that God intended.

TCWCoupleinbedangry-300x185 Three Essential Things the Movies Leave Out About Sex

Sex and Yes, There is a Better Way

Rather than succumbing to the sexual aspect of your relationship, I’m here to tell you there is a better way. Try it. You just might like it. Here you go:

  1. Build the emotional part first.
  2. Then, as the emotional connection is made, grow together until you know that you want to spend the rest of your life together as a couple.
  3. Display that commitment to each other by sharing in the giving of vows together before the Lord in marriage.
  4. Then, connect physically.

The sex will be better than the movies because the emotional connection is already present. Your relationship has been cemented through the sharing of vows. And, you KNOW that he will be there in the morning, the morning after that, the morning after that, and the rest of the mornings of your life.

Sex in that kind of committed marriage is beautiful and awesome. Any other type of sex falls way short of that experience. Hold out for the best sex.

Answer this: What lie about sex makes celibacy difficult for you?


Three Essential Things the Movies Leave Out About Sex


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