“God, Help!” and Other Prayers in the Fight for Your Celibate Life

In the video above, this couple discusses their relationship and explains why they believe that purity takes a savior. I share this video because I really like their honesty. I watched a few of their videos and I don’t think they were perfect. They made mistakes. They struggled. But they overcame those struggles using various methods. One of those methods they mention is called a “breath prayer.” I had never heard that term before. But I like it!

You see, in the fight for your celibate life, there will be those days, no, those moments when all you can do is breathe out the quickest of prayers to get the help that you need to stay pure.

Maybe you’re in a relationship. Maybe you just met the most amazing man. Perhaps you just broke up with someone and you’re feeling lonely. Wherever you are at right now, whatever your situation, you know you have chosen celibacy until marriage. Having a quick, simple prayer at the ready like the ones below could be just the thing to help in your time of need.

Prayer 1

“God, help!”

They mention this one in the video and I like it because it cuts to the chase. No fancy words. No pontificating. Just…HELP. Sometimes, it’s the only thing we can say before we get up and get out.

Prayer 2

“Give me strength!”

Also short and sweet, this prayer tells God we know that in the fight for purity, our strength comes from Him. We can’t do it alone and we won’t. If we ask for strength, God will supply it.

Prayer 3

“Father, I need You. Help me stay true to my faith.”

When we make a commitment to be celibate, we should know that it’s about more than just a fight for our bodies. It’s also a fight for our faith in God. Win the fight for faith and you will win the fight for purity.

Prayer 4

“The Lord is my rock and my salvation. I will not be shaken.”

This prayer fits everything – greed, pride, anger, fear, doubt, and yes, impurity. Whenever Satan comes knocking, have this prayer handy. It’s your 911 call and the Great Physician has got you covered.

Answer this: What do you pray when you struggle in your purity?


“God, Help!” and Other Prayers in the Fight for Your Celibate Life


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